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Sherry Brescia Review - Sherry Makes A Lot Of Claims In Her Book - ‘Great Taste No Pain’


Who Is Sherry Brescia?


What Is This Book 'Great Taste No Pain'?




Product Reviewed: Great Taste No Pain by Sherry Brescia 


Rating: 5 stars - maximum rating


Reviewer: Paul A.J.



The book, ‘Great Taste No Pain’ is making waves all over the world as a book that advises simple dietary changes that would contribute to eliminating completely all stomach and digestive related ailment pain.


This is an incredible claim.


But before we can decide whether or not this book can help, I would like to look at its author, Sherry Brescia.



Who is Sherry Brescia?


Sherry Brescia - click here for Great Taste No Pain Official websiteSherry Brescia is by profession a health insurance researcher. She officiated as a Chief Underwriter and it is under this designation that she could research in depth for over 15 years on the benefits accruing from alkalization of the human body. A patient of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) herself, Sherry has known firsthand what it feels to suffer from acute and debilitating pain caused by stomach and digestive problems.


Her motivation to research came from an innate desire to help people like herself to find a cure without burning a hole in the pocket. It is estimated that in the USA alone the costs of drugs and treatments for stomach related problems amount to a whopping $42 billion.


This is amazing considering that there is evidence all over the web saying that such treatments alleviate the symptoms temporarily without really curing the disorder.



What do you find in the ‘Great Taste No Pain’?


Plenty. The first thing that hits you is that it does make sense. Sherry Brescia tells you what we all actually knew all along – we are what we eat. This appears to be an uncontested fact. Yet, we do not pay attention to what foods we eat, nor how we combine these foods in the preparation of our meals. It is like filling your vehicle with any type of petrol-based liquid you find and expect it to perform optimally while you drive it.


Following Dr William Hay’s principles, Sherry Brescia maintains that unless you pay attention to the foods you eat and learn to maintain your body’s pH alkalinity, you would never get rid of your ailments. She bears testimony that just by eating wisely you can get rid of stomach pain forever.


Not only that, but also you get rid of a number of other ailments related to inflammation since an alkaline-based body enhances the immune system and promotes hormonal balance and optimal functioning of all the systems in the body.


The book, ‘Great Taste No Pain’ comes in six manuals.


Great Taste No Pain Manuals


1.   Pain Free in 1 Day – this e-book is mostly offered as a gift that will give you a taste of what Sherry Brescia advice is all about. It contains 13 recipes and meal plans (breakfast-lunch-dinner-snacks) for four days, which is meant to stop all digestive related pain just-like-that.


2.   How to end stomachache forever, even if your MD says, ‘No way!’ – in this book Sherry Brescia takes you through an in-depth explanation of the principle behind the ‘Great Taste No Pain’ book. You will understand why the right combination of foods – carbohydrates, fat, protein – is so important to your health. This manual tells you how this system works and why.


3.  Foods that create acid. In this manual, Sherry Brescia tells you all you need to know about acidic foods and acid-creating foods – their difference and their impact on your health. The more acidic your body is the more ailments you will suffer from; on the other hand, an alkaline-based body would ensure optimal body and mind health.


4.   What to eat with what. In this manual, you will learn how to combine foods correctly. It contains lists of almost all the imaginable foods known and guides you on the right way to combine them. There are user-friendly charts which help you understand and find the right combinations of a huge variety of foods.


5.   Great Taste No Pain recipe book - this book is a treasure of 112 amazing recipes for healthy, nutritious and pain-free meals. Among these 112 recipes, you will find a wide variety of soups, breakfast, appetizers, salads, snacks, main dishes and desserts. There is something for every taste, and each one of the recipes listed in this manual comes to your with an assurance of ‘great taste no pain’.


6.   Great Taste No Pain pocket guide to pain-free dining out – this is a concise yet self-sufficient version of the wisdom disseminated in the above five books. This is meant to guide and help you make informed decisions about right food combinations when you eat out one meal or during your travels.



Click Here To Go To Sherry's Official Great Taste No Pain Website 



The Claimed Outcomes of Sherry Brescia’s Book


The book claims to help you to:


·          Stop the burning pain in your chest and throat

·          Swallow normally again without pain

·          Eat delicious, yummy foods you love

·          Sleep peacefully all night long without special pillows

·          Get off antacids, proton pump inhibitors, H2 Blockers

·          End constipation (often caused by medications)

·          Eliminate bloating, gas, diarrhea and cramping

·          Lose 5-50 lbs. without even trying

·          Reduce and eliminate ADHD symptoms

·          Feel a LOT more energy

·          Eliminate the fear of acid reflux, Crohn’s (IBD), Colitis, Gastritis, Stomach ulcers, Diverticulosis, IBS, Diverticulitis, Hiatal hernia and many others – because you will now know how to get rid of them and the pain and stress that these ailments cause you.


The verdict on these outcomes seems to be extremely positive. Judy Welniak in her letter to Sherry Brescia says, ‘Sherry: I have been on Great Taste No Pain for about a month.  After years of problems, my stomach pain is gone.   It's hard to even put into words my gratitude for you and your staff for your outstanding work.


Another testimonial from Debbie Forrest (Arizona) reads, ‘…I am ecstatic to say the least!  Your program works. For the first time I can enjoy a meal and feel great after I eat...no pain, no bloating, no stomach cramps...I feel great! I am so thankful for the information you have provided me.  I love your recipes...my family enjoys them also. With 7 children it is difficult to find meals all will enjoy. Thank you for making an incredible difference in my life’ 


And we have the testimony of Johan Fourie of New Zealand who says, ‘Since I started the Great Taste No Pain programme, the bloatedness has subsided and I have freedom from this perpetual discomfort. My energy levels are up and I can actually work enthusiastically for a whole day and then at the gym after work, still feeling good.My bowels are regular like clockwork without any strain.Many thanks to your programme.’



My Opinion on the System of Sherry Brescia and of Sherry Brescia Herself


My opinion on Sherry Brescia?


I believe she is a great researcher, a terrific presenter of information, and a truly superior healer.


As for Great Taste No Pain - this is an excellent system based on well-researched facts and scientific premise. I did not find any negative remarks about the program so I feel safe in agreeing with Sherry that this book can indeed change people's lives for the better, without the necessity of introducing any outlandishly difficult major changes in the lifestyle we all prefer to live.


Certainly, from my own adoption of some of the principles, the difference in my digestion is remarkable. I just didn't believe it could be that simple. My bloating is gone, I sleep better, my acid reflux is almost subsided to nothing, and I believe over the short term, that will cease completely as well.


Overall, I find it a great product worthy of recommendation; it is excellent value for money.


However, do not buy the system if you are looking for a magic pill to solve all your ills. That is why it is not for everyone. This is all about doing the right thing for your digestion when so-called 'normal' eating patterns have caused concerns.


Yes it is simple to effect change using Sherry Brescia's principles and guidance. But you need to take responsibility for what goes on your plate and what ends up in your stomach. If you can't do that, best to save your money.


It is definitely for those that want to take responsiblity for their own health and general wellbeing. If you adopt the principles taught into your everyday life, you will see a difference.


Don't buy the book, get better, then go back to your old ways. That won't work.


There is a free '4 day test drive' that I recommend everyone should have a go at. If the principles work for you, and you truly know that you can change your life and adopt the simple lifestyle changes recommended, then carry on and buy the entire book and receive the rest of the gifts.


If it doesn't work for you there is a comprehensive refund policy offered by Sherry.


Personally, I give the Great Taste No Pain system, and in particular, Sherry Brescia herself, a full rating of 5 stars out of 5. Sherry deserves no less.


Click Here To Go To Sherry's Official Great Taste No Pain Website